MCU Ghost Rider will have a heavy horror vibe at Feige's request

Marvel Studios is allegedly working on bringing the Ghost Rider into the MCU. With the character reportedly being planned for release after Blade, fans are hoping that we'll get a true recreation of the Rider.

In a new report, it's been stated that Marvel is planning on bringing a horror emphasis to the upcoming movie. However, it isn't clear how much of a horror focus the Ghost Rider movie will have.

MCU Ghost Rider will be a horror movie

In a report by We Got These Covered, anonymous sources state Kevin Feige wants a horror influence for Ghost Rider. Feige's influence on the project matches previous reports. Apparently, Kevin Feige really wants to see the Rider in the MCU. Furthermore, the producer reportedly wants the Rider to be Johnny Blaze.

We Got This Covered reports that they're unsure if the project will result in a movie or Disney+ show. However, they do state that the tone of the movie is set to match other upcoming MCU films. Both Doctor Strange 2 and Blade will reportedly be drenched in horror conventions. With reports stating that a possible GR movie is dependant on Blade's success, this makes a lot of sense.

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How plausible is this?

Marvel is toying with the idea of a stronger horror focus for the MCU. Phase 4 is set to explore the universe's darker, supernatural characters. As such, it's only natural for things to get scarier. However, we've already heard that some of the scarier elements of Doctor Strange 2 were toned down.

The MCU is still highly targeted towards a child audience. While there are a few successful child- targeted horror films, there's a sense that the younger demographic could hold back some mature elements. With that said, any exploration for the MCU is a good thing.

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