Madame Web set photos reveal an all-new Sony Spider-Man

Sony’s Spider-Man Connected Universe is set to continue with the release of Madame Web. A new webhead spin-off, the movie was expected not to feature any appearances from Peter Parker. However, Sony appears to be resting on another part of the web.

Madame Web has a new Spider-Man

Sony’s ongoing Spider-Man villains universe has yet to feature the webhead. The character has been seen in various minor details. For example, the character is mentioned by The Vulture at the end of Morbius, and Venom sees him on TV at the end of his second movie.

However, Sony’s Madame Web looks to actually be starring a version of Spider-Man on screen. Revealed in leaked set photos, a new Spider-Man will be coming to the cinema screens in this upcoming movie.

The set photos show Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web lying on a construction girdle. While she’s down, an unnamed superhero is seen battling an unknown foe. However, it does look like a new version of our beloved webhead.

The costume appears to be black and red, with thin webbing covering the suit. It’s a unique Spidey look that we’ve never seen before, and one that could be quite interesting to watch unfold on screen. After all, what is Web without a Webhead?

In the pictures, the new Spidey actor is seen attached to wires. Hopefully, this means that there will be some awesome acrobatic action in the new film.

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Who is this character?

There are a couple of fan theories as to who this new Spider-Man actually is. However, none of these are confirmed, just speculation. Currently, fans believe the unknown webhead is Kaine Parker, a clone of Peter Parker. While the costume is different than in the comics, it is vaguely similar. 

Differing opinions believe the character to be Ezekiel Sims. Not exactly another Spider-Man, Sims is a person with similar powers to Peter Parker. However, his superhero costume looks very different from the one seen here.

Being Sony, this mystery character could be a hybrid of multiple multiverse webheads. On the other hand, it could be an entirely different character altogether. We won’t really know until the movie release next year.

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