Morbius is returning to theatres in Sony’s last-ditch effort to make it a success

Morbius was a critical and commercial failure, with most calling it one of the worst superhero films ever. Nevertheless, a ton of memes has made the movie a household name with many mocking Sony's "Marvel Legend".

Sony has clearly mistaken the Internet's love of Morbius with the movie's meme status now resulting in a sudden return to cinemas. Here’s hoping that the film bombs a second time, improving the meme and ensuring that we don’t get More-bius.

Morbius, the Living Meme is claiming that Morbius will be returning to over 1,000 theaters today, June 3, 2022. This is after the movie bombed in its original run in cinemas, with most agreeing that the "New Marvel Legend" just wasn’t worth watching. However, the memes seem to have led to this very bad resurgence and the worst is yet to come.

Apparently, the movie might be doing well in digital and blu-ray sales, which is concerning. However, it's not too surprising. With a bit of content drought, the Marvel name and the fact that it looks like a bargain bin flick, many older audiences might pick it up.

The aforementioned meme community has also led many to believe that Morbius has now reached cult classic status. One fan even decided to stream the film on Twitch multiple times, likely so they could keep seeing Matt Smith’s “Have Sex” dance.

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Morbius 2: It’s Morbin' Time?

Fans might think that “it’s Morbing time” is funny now but what if Sony greenlights a sequel where Jared Leto actually says the line? It would kill the meme and make fans realize that they created a monster much worse than Morbius himself. Only time will tell if its return to theaters will make the film more money but here’s hoping this isn’t the case.

The only other plans we’ve seen for Morbius is a possible Sinister Six movie that Sony seems to be hellbent on making. Michael Keaton’s awesome Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming was dragged into this universe and was forced to take part in one of the worst post-credits scenes ever. Kraven the Hunter also seems to be getting made, with Kick-Ass and Avengers: Age of Ultron star Aaron Taylor Johnson starring in it.

Do not watch Morbius. Don’t go to theaters and don’t purchase it. You will be part of the problem.

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