Morbius cuts The Vulture from main story, only in post-credits scenes

Sony's Spider-Man Connected Universe is not the cleanest set of Marvel movies, and the upcoming Morbius movie appears to be no different. The film studio's troubled movie development is allegedly continuing as multiple aspects of the project have been altered shortly before launch.

Morbius scraps The Vulture

Via Comic Book Movie, multiple sources who have seen press screenings for the upcoming movie left viewers very confused. According to the sources, the new movie has cut a major character from the film, one that has been overwhelmingly advertised.

In almost every trailer for the movie, Sony has shown scenes of Adrian Toombes, also known as the The Vulture. Played by Michael Keaton, the character debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Fans of the MCU Spider-Man movies have been incredibly intrigued by The Vulture’s appearance. However, according to sources who have seen the movie, those particular fans will be severely disappointed,

According to those sources, every scene with Adrian Toombes has been cut from the main movie. However, those sources claim that there are scenes with the classic villain, they're just not anywhere in the main movie.

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Is The Vulture in post-credits scenes?

Does Morbius have a post-credits scene? Absolutely, it's a Marvel movie. According to people who have seen the film, the new Marvel treats fans to a total of two-post credits scenes to keep them intrigued in a sequence.

According to sources, every scene with The Vulture is kept to post-credits scenes. However, these scenes are surprisingly not seen in any of the trailers. Instead, they're all new scenes that set up The Vulture’s involvement in a potential sequel.

It’s a wild case. Fans will certainly be expecting at least one scene with The Vulture. However, those fans will unfortunately be left disappointed. On the other hand, if there's anyone who didn't want to see the villain, they might be pleasantly surprised.

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