Live-action Pokémon TV series releasing only in Japan

Live action Pokémon TV series - Madoka looking at the back of a Game Boy pocket

Live action Pokémon TV series - Madoka looking at the back of a Game Boy pocket

Japanese Pokémon fans will soon be able to watch a brand-new live-action Pokémon TV series, but it won’t be anything like the brilliant Detective Pikachu.

Via Serebii, Pokémon: Fill Your Pockets With Adventure is described as a “Pokémon human drama”. Unlike the brilliant Detective Pikachu and its eventual sequel, there won’t be any CGI critters frolicking around, but the series’ iconic creatures are still important.

Instead, the story focuses on university graduate Madoka Agaki, played by idol Nanase Nishino, as she joins Tokyo advertising agency ADventure. While struggling with the stresses of everyday life and the pressures of work, Madoka rediscovers her childhood copy of Pokémon Red.

As Madoka rediscovers her love of the childhood RPG, she learns important lessons about how to proceed with her daily life. The more she spends time with the Pokémon franchise, the more confident she feels to keep going on.

In a statement to Japanese outlet TV Tokyo, Nishino said she felt honoured to star in the first live-action Pokémon TV show, even if it doesn’t feature any cute creatures in it.

“I’m very happy because I’m part of the team generation that grew up with Pokémon, having played most of the series from the first to the latest,” the actress said.

“If you’ve played Pokémon before, you’ll enjoy this show,” she continued. “It’s peppered with little tidbits that will make you think ‘this is nostalgic’. I think you will enjoy these little tidbits that are scattered throughout.”

We haven’t seen any live-action Pokémon content since the release of the Detective Pikachu movie in 2019. While the film’s success led many to believe numerous other Pokémon movies would be on the way, we have yet to see a follow-up.

Following the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet last year, new DLC for the RPGs are on the way. Furthermore, Detective Pikachu Returns, the long-awaited video game sequel, is finally on its way.

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