Detective Pikachu Returns is a massively expanded crime drama

It looks like Detective Pikachu Returns is a huge expansion of the original game’s ideas. In a new trailer, the game’s massively overhauled gameplay has finally been revealed.

While footage of Detective Pikachu Returns looks surprisingly worse graphically than its 3DS original, the actual gameplay of the new detective title appears to be a huge improvement.

Those who played the original 3DS game will remember that it was a fairly limited adventure. While fun, and a technical showcase for the hardware, it was still lacking compared to other crime drama games.

In a new trailer released during the recent Pokémon Presents presentation, new Detective Pikachu Returns gameplay shows more than just simple crime scenes and discussion segments.

One scene in the trailer shows the titular Detective Pikachu riding on an Arcanine to sniff out clues in a tricky crime scene. More helper Pokémon are also teased to be included in the game to help you find clues and solve crimes across the game’s story.

Unfortunately, the overarching plot of the game wasn’t revealed during the trailer. However, the sequel does appear to have a hugely expanded cast compared to the original, including Tim Goodman’s expanded family.

Detective Pikachu Returns comes to Nintendo Switch on October 6th, 2023.

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