Hogwarts Legacy players are too bored to play the game

Hogwarts Legacy players Deek snapping his fingers in the Harry Potter RPG

Hogwarts Legacy players Deek snapping his fingers in the Harry Potter RPG

From the Potter creator bullying gamers on Twitter to streamers being bullied for daring to play the game, Hogwarts Legacy has been the centre of attention for over a month now. Despite this, many gamers bought the game to see the wizarding world from their childhood realised in a 3D open world video game.

Even though the Hogwarts Legacy controversy still rages, the game has actually outsold Elden Ring and there's no signs it's slowing down, especially once the last-gen version of Hogwarts Legacy release. But just because people are buying the game, it doesn't mean they're still playing it.

In a Twitter thread, Anthony Gramuglia points out that the number of players playing the game on Steam has dwindled to a fraction of those still playing Elden Ring - a year-old game. The concurrent player count has dropped from almost 900,000 to just 75,000 in just six weeks despite the Potter RPG opening more gamers' wallets than the brutal Elden Ring.

Not only are players just bored of exploring Hogwarts but the ones that have played the game aren't actually finishing it. According to the thread, only a quarter of those who own the game on steam have the 'Hero of Hogwarts' achievement, which you get for completing the game's main story.

This is interesting considering Hogwarts Legacy's main story isn't overly long and can be completed in under 20 hours if you ignore side missions. Of course, these stats don't take into consideration those playing on other platforms, but these numbers usually follow the same sorts of trends, but we're not able to access that information.

Regardless of why, one thing is clear: Hogwarts Legacy sold bucket loads, but nobody wants to play or finish the game anymore.

Personally, we blame Deek.

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