Hogwarts Legacy streamer bullied to tears by brutal discourse

streamer bullied after playing hogwarts legacy a goblin in the harry potter game

streamer bullied after playing hogwarts legacy a goblin in the harry potter game

Ever since it was first announced, Hogwarts Legacy has been divisive, and that's putting it mildly. The game was booed at The Game Awards and the internet went crazy when it was revealed that Simon Pegg is in the game, and it's all because of author JK Rowling's comments on and portrayals of various societal groups.

Girlfriend Reviews, the internet's wholesome YouTube and Twitch-streaming couple comprised of Matt and Shelby, are the latest victims of the game's discourse. The duo were forced to pause their Hogwarts Legacy stream to deal with bullies in their Twitch chat, who berated them for playing the game.

"I’m almost thinking of just going offline. I’m barely into the second combat here, and every time I look at chat, the conversation is just bothering me,” Matt says in the Twitch clip. Shelby can be heard stating that she thinks maybe they should take a break, clearly perturbed by the comments in chat, before leaving the room.

Checking the VOD, you can see comments pouring in discussing all kinds of topics around the controversial game. This includes concepts like whether we should separate the art from the artist and the subjective interpretation of art, but many comments were just downright toxic and abusive.

Many viewers, however, showed support for the couple. "People are being very toxic about this game," says subscriber 'bookercatchplz.' "It's fine if people don't want to play it but don't push values onto other people."

This isn't a targeted attack, however, as we've already seen a similar scenario happen to 100 Thieves' NoahJ when he streamed the game and received "vile hatred" in his Twitch chat.

Today marks the first day those who pre-ordered the deluxe version of the game will be able to play it, and as we march ever closer to the official release date on February 10, this sort of behaviour to increase even though it shouldn't.

Girlfriend Reviews are positive content creators that rarely approach their creations from a place of negativity; in fact, it's most often from a place of fun and humour. This should tell you just how divisive Hogwarts Legacy has been. But, one thing is for sure: the bullying needs to stop.

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