Hogwarts Legacy modders are making the game harder and more interesting

hogwarts legacy modders are making the game harder
Credit: Warner Bros.

hogwarts legacy modders are making the game harder
Credit: Warner Bros.

The Hogwarts Legacy modding community continues to shine, now adding an even harder difficulty to the game. Most fans have complained about the game’s lack of challenge, even in the available Hard Mode.

Hogwarts Legacy Master Mode mod is now available in Nexus mods, making the magical RPG much harder than before. It has been described as a “reworking” of Hard Mode, with enemies having more HP and dealing out more damage. Enemy groups will also be larger in comparison, making all of these raid battles last even longer.

Health isn’t the only thing that has been increased for enemies, as capitalism has also reared its ugly head in this Hogwarts Legacy mod. Most items will now cost double than they originally did, making battles even harder and forcing you to conserve your funds for when you truly need them.

Fans will be happy to know that future updates will flesh out the Master Mode mod even more. Homework assignments will become “more complex and interesting,” while enemies and bosses will get new attacks. The impressive mod could be mistaken for an official update with all these changes!

Overall, these changes definitely make Hogwarts Legacy a much more interesting game than it currently is. Granted, these changes can’t alter the game from being another open-world title but giving players more things to do is fine enough. Hopefully, the developers can make a potential sequel make this game feel more like a Harry Potter game.

Right now, the developers and publisher don’t have to worry about any potential updates or DLC since the game is doing really well, sales-wise. Granted, there are a good amount of players who haven’t finished it and interest has dropped a lot on Twitch but that always happens with single-player games.

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Hogwarts Legacy is now readily available on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. Versions for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will come out later this year.

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