Hogwarts Legacy's last-gen delay has fans dreading the game’s release

hogwarts legacy last-gen delay has fans worried
Credit: Warner Bros.

hogwarts legacy last-gen delay has fans worried
Credit: Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy has had its last-generation versions on PS4 and Xbox One delayed, leading to many fans being weary about its release. While most fans want to be optimistic and think the delay is for quality control, others see it as the devs struggling to make it work on old hardware.

On the game’s subreddit, many fans voiced their displeasure over the delay and feel that we should be saying goodbye to last-gen systems. Despite being home to many powerful games, the PS4 and Xbox One are 10-years old and are no longer the priority gaming hardware.

“Time to put last gen to bed,” said TX_Sized10-4. “Trying to force games into the constraints of 10 year old hardware is either hamstringing them on new hardware or making them a painful experience on old hardware.”

Last-gen owners wouldn’t want a buggy and slow version of Hogwarts Legacy, all things considered. Fans will remember how developers tried to cram AAA games from PS4 and Xbox One to PS3 and Xbox 360, with varying results. Rise of the Tomb Raider actually looks good on the Xbox 360, while Shadow of Mordor looks horrible on PS3.

Interestingly enough, the Nintendo Switch version of the game wasn’t given an update. Since it was slated for a July release last year, there’s a good chance it can still make that release. However, with fans being weary about the last-gen port, some of them are morbidly curious about the Switch version.

“Can't wait to see how this game runs on Switch lmao,” says farmerjohnington. “I routinely hit 20+ Gigs of RAM in use on my PC running this game.”

We’re all still waiting to see what these last-gen versions of Hogwarts Legacy will end up being like. Hopefully, they end up being commendable ports that a lot of fans are going to enjoy. Otherwise, people can put the last-gen ports on their “worst games of the year” awards.

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Hogwarts Legacy is readily available on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. The game has already sold millions on these current-gen systems and will likely sell more once these last-gen versions come out.

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