Hades 2 Still Has Moments of Early Access Syndrome

hades 2 is still an early access game
Credit: Supergiant Games

hades 2 is still an early access game
Credit: Supergiant Games


  • Hades 2 is very good, but clearly still in Early Access
  • Narcissus still has placeholder art, which will likely get updated in the future
  • Expect more content to be added and patched up in the roguelike

Hades 2 is a feature-rich roguelike game that plays smoothly, but it’s still in Early Access for a reason, as some features aren’t quite ready yet. In this hilarious case, there’s a character who is still represented by placeholder art, which will definitely be removed in future updates.

On Twitter, user Vex Werewolf revealed that Narcissus, one of the game’s new gods, still doesn’t have official art during conversations. Despite being a vain god, the character is hilariously represented by stock art and this is something fans will only be able to see in Early Access.

While this is something that can clearly be patched out, some Hades 2 fans actually like the generic art used for Narcissus in the game. Some fans feel that the character hiding his beauty leaves more to the imagination. That being said, Narcissus is clearly boasting about their looks and that doesn’t make sense if the god is represented by stock art.

Luckily, the art of this game has been fantastic thus far and we’re sure the team at Supergiant Games will make Narcissus look great. Every other god seen in the game continues to be the most attractive character known to man. That even extends to some of the bosses in the game, which was already the case with Supergiant’s original Hades.

Even with some missing art, fans are enjoying the hell out of Hades 2, with many players claiming that it’s already bigger than the first game. With more weapons to choose from, new bosses to fight, and new boons from the gods, it’s everything fans want from a sequel. There’s also some crafting and farming that can be done to spice things up.

Hades 2 is available now on Steam via Early Access and Supergiant said it will stay there for most of 2024, at the very least. Once the game hits Version 1.0, there’s hope that it will come to consoles like the Switch.

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