Ghost of Tsushima's PC Release Won't Fall into the Same Trap as Helldivers 2

ghost of tsushima learns from sony helldivers 2 debacle
Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

ghost of tsushima learns from sony helldivers 2 debacle
Credit: Sucker Punch Productions


  • Ghost of Tsushima won't lock the game's single-player behind a PSN account
  • Players will still need a PSN account if they want to play the Legends multiplayer
  • Trophies and the PlayStation overlay are also locked behind a PSN account

Ghost of Tsushima will be coming to PC this month and fans won’t have to worry about any PSN shenanigans. After the recent debacle with Helldivers 2, it’s good to know that fans will be able to play most of the game without having a PSN account.

Sucker Punch Productions responded to a fan worried about PSN integration on Twitter, confirming that the single-player campaign won’t require players to make any new accounts. Considering how this is the meat of the package, it’s good to know fans won’t have to worry about anything in this regard.

That’s not to say Ghost of Tsushima is completely free from PSN linking, as certain features are locked behind needing an account. Anyone who wants to play the Legends multiplayer will need a PlayStation account, which is pretty unfortunate. Gamers who also want the PlayStation Overlay and Trophies will also need to sign up for Sony’s console.

Linking for PlayStation Trophies makes sense since those are directly linked to the PlayStation Network, so that makes sense. However, locking the Legends multiplayer behind it feels like Sony still wants some kind of control over PC players, which is a bit annoying.

Despite locking the multiplayer and PlayStation overlay behind a PSN account, Ghost of Tsushima should still be worthwhile for the single-player alone. This is a huge open-world game with numerous quests to complete and enemies to slay, so most players won’t need Legends at all. It also helps that this is the Director’s Cut version, which means there’s an additional single-player expansion for players to go through.

Ghost of Tsushima was a huge hit upon release, giving fans one of the best-looking PS4 games ever made upon release. It proceeded to look even better when it came to PS5 as Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, which is the same version coming to PC. Needless to say, PC fans are in for a treat once this open-world samurai game comes out.

Fans will be able to pick up Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut on PC later this month, on May 16. The game is expected to launch with Steam Deck compatibility, just like other PlayStation exclusives.

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