PlayStation Lets Trophy Hunters Start Collecting on PC

PlayStation Platinum trophy being held by Jin Sakai in front of a Steam library
Credit: PlayStation / Valve

PlayStation Platinum trophy being held by Jin Sakai in front of a Steam library
Credit: PlayStation / Valve


  • With the launch of Ghost of Tsushima on PC, PlayStation is releasing a PlayStation overlay for PC players to enjoy
  • The overlay will also bring Trophy support to PC players, alongside achievements on both Steam and Epic Games Store
  • There’s no indication on Trophies for older PlayStation games on PC, but it’s clear more PS games will be coming to PC in the future

Trophies have been a staple of PlayStation for years. Launching back in 2008 on the PS3, PlayStation made Trophies compulsory in early 2009. However, their legacy has remained mostly unchanged since the system launched, being part of the PS5 to this day. However, they're now coming to PC, thanks to a long-awaited port.

With the Ghost of Tsushima PC release date announced, and Sucker Punch's critical darling finally joining the ranks of the PS5's Horizon and Spider-Man series, PlayStation is bringing Trophies to PC players, giving you the opportunity to collect the coveted Platinum in your upcoming playthrough.

While we're still waiting for PSVR 2 PC support to finally arrive, PlayStation is giving us plenty of time to begin our Trophy hunt. As part of a recent PlayStation blog post, Julian Huijbregts, Nixxes Software's Online Community Specialist, shared some details that Ghost of Tsushima is debuting when it finally arrives next month.

An assortment of screenshots showcasing the PlayStation overlay on PC
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Credit: PlayStation
Various PlayStation overlay screens on PC

"Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is the first PlayStation title on PC that uses a new PlayStation overlay, which includes your Friends list, Trophies, Settings, and your Profile.", Huijbregts states. The PlayStation overlay is optional for both the single-player experience, as well as the Legends multiplayer mode, and can be accessed by pressing 'Shift + F1' at the same time.

Ghost of Tsushima will have support for achievements on both Steam and Epic Games Store alongside the Trophies, but you'll need to sign in or create a PSN account. That being said, you need to sign in to PSN to access Ghost of Tsushima Legends anyway. So, if you've seen the PS5 Pro specs and would rather jump into PC gaming, but want to keep earning Trophies, it seems like long-term support is coming for future titles.

There's no indication as to whether or not Trophies will come to previous PlayStation ports on PC. The likes of Marvel's Spider-Man (and Miles Morales), God of War 2018, the Horizon duology, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart don't have Trophy support on PC, but hopefully this means that support will be ongoing for the foreseeable future.

In any case, the development of this overlay shows that PlayStation isn't stopping PC ports any time soon. Hopefully, we finally get God of War Ragnarok and Marvel's Spider-Man 2 on PC soon.

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