Final Fantasy XVI sales hit 3 million copies on PS5

Final Fantasy XVI sales hit 3 million copies on PS5  - Clive looking longingly at me with his beautiful blue eyes

Final Fantasy XVI sales hit 3 million copies on PS5  - Clive looking longingly at me with his beautiful blue eyes

Square Enix’s PS5 exclusive RPG Final Fantasy XVI has already sold an incredibly three million copies on Sony’s games console. The more mature take on the iconic JRPG series is already a monumental success for the Japanese publisher.

Officially revealed on the Final Fantasy Twitter account, Square Enix confirmed that physical and digital sales of the game have hit the three million mark just a week after launch.

“We’re delighted to announce we’ve shipped and digitally sold 3 million copies of Final Fantasy XVI on PlayStation 5,L the tweet reads. “Thank you for your support!”

While impressive, Final Fantasy XVI sales are below that of the multiplatform launch of Final Fantasy XV. The last mainline entry in the series managed to hit five million sales in its first week by releasing on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

However, despite its exclusivity on PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy XVI has still sold over half of its prior game’s sales. Considering the fact that PS4 sales outnumbered Xbox sales of the the prior game, sales appear to be on par with the last game in the series.

Before launch, Square Enix expressed wariness for sales of the new RPG due to lower-than-expected pre-order numbers. Nevertheless, the title appears to have sold fairly well in its first week, and will likely sell many more copies in the coming weeks and months. 

Furthermore, Final Fantasy XVI’s PlayStation exclusivity will eventually pass. While the game will remain a console exclusive on PlayStation 5, the game is expected to come to PC platforms in a year’s time, allowing the game a second chance at outselling FFXV.

Hardcore fans of the JRPG series have been wary of XVI’s more mature, Western approach. The game’s recent demo did well to quell some fans’ fears about the game, but many are still disappointed with the title’s direction.

On the other hand, Square Enix is still working on other titles in the iconic RPG franchise. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth aims to continue the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and a third game will complete the remake trilogy in a few years. Reports also claim that a small-scale remake of Final Fantasy 9 is also in the works.

The future of Final Fantasy appears bright at Square Enix, although Xbox players are likely to miss out for the majority of this generation. While spin-offs such as the Crisis Core Remake and Final Fantasy Origins: Strangers of Paradise have released on the platform, the series’ biggest titles are leaving it behind.

Final Fantasy XVI is available now on PlayStation 5.

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