Final Fantasy 9 Remake is ‘real’, claims insider

final fantasy 9 remake is real claims insider
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy 9 remake is real claims insider
Credit: Square Enix

It looks like Square Enix is making a Final Fantasy 9 Remake, assuming that recent leaks are true. After years of rumours, one industry insider has revealed that the upcoming turn-based remake is indeed in development.

Jeff Grub, who has his fair share of correct and incorrect information, claims that the remake is real. Apparently, he was able to hear about the remake fairly recently, as he mentions on his YouTube podcast. While fans definitely want this remake to happen, make sure to take this with a pinch of salt.

To be fair to Grub, there have been numerous reports of a Final Fantasy 9 Remake happening, hence the excitement. Considering how many hold this game in high regard, there is a good chance that Square Enix is really working on this.

The upcoming remake was included in a leaked list of in-development titles by GPU manufacturer Nvidia. At the time of writing, a large number of games on that list have become reality.

Plenty of fans love the ninth installment of this JRPG series, due to its lovable characters and memorable story. It was also the last game in the series to stick with a pure fantasy setting before Final Fantasy 16 took up that mantle again. That’s actually another reason why we might be getting a remake since fantasy is cool in its finality.

Only time will tell if we actually get a Final Fantasy 9 Remake, though the amount of rumours surrounding this entry lends some credence. An animated adaptation of the JRPG was also heavily rumoured, though that still hasn’t come into fruition.

With Final Fantasy 7 already getting a three-part remake, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Square Enix delve into more of these. Fans would definitely want more remakes of the classic games, with plenty wanting one for Final Fantasy 8 as well.

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Right now, fans can enjoy a port of Final Fantasy 9 on pretty much every gaming platform available. This is mostly the same as the PS1 classic but with cleaner visuals and some good quality-of-life improvements.

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