Far Cry VR mod revitalises a PC gaming classic

far cry vr mod revitalises a pc gaming classic
Credit: Ubisoft

far cry vr mod revitalises a pc gaming classic
Credit: Ubisoft

The original Far Cry is still considered a classic FPS, eventually becoming one of Ubisoft’s most popular franchises. One fan has decided to bring this shooter back to the limelight with a brand-new VR mod.

VR developer fholger showed off this VR mod and it looks exhilarating. Seeing the iconic CryEngine 1 island again in VR brings back memories of the time this shooter was the best-looking game around. While it has since been surpassed, the mod does a good job invoking these memories.

While the VR mod looks pretty good thus far, the developer has pointed out a number of lingering issues. Although some guns are usable, the dev confirmed that not all of the weapons work yet. Basic items like binoculars and grenades also can’t be used.

From everything we’ve seen in the video and its description, this Far Cry VR mod has a lot of potential. Vehicles can already be used and close-range weapons like the machete are activated through arm swings.

Modders have been doing a good job bringing these classic titles into the realm of VR. We recently saw a mod that brought Left 4 Dead 2 to VR and it looked great.

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No release date for the Far Cry VR mod has been revealed. In the meantime, fans can pick up the original version of Far Cry on PC.

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