Ubisoft deletes your inactive accounts, which includes your games

ubisoft deletes ezio auditore

ubisoft deletes ezio auditore

It seems like no game is safe from inactivity. Indeed, Ubisoft's service - Ubisoft Connect - is deleting all accounts which remain inactive for longer than thirty days. Clearly, that termination of the account also include all of the games that you might have bought or registered on the service.

This has been reported on Twitter, on a thread where Ubisoft themselves chimed in to confirm that they will delete all accounts inactive and "to log in back to the account" as they "do not want you to lose access to your games". Well, thanks to them, but it seems like there are not going to be any changes to what is a quite curious policy for an online service where you can spend a lot of money.

Still, it seems that accounts receiving said email have been inactive for much longer than thirty days. But, anyway, once the email has been received, the user has thirty days to log in to prevent the termination of the account. If that period of time has passed, then everything is lost.

While everyone hated that news, unfortunately those policies are quite average when it comes to digital distribution. What you buy when spending money on a game on a digital storefront is nothing more than the "right" to access said game. A right which comes under the store's policy, which one has to accept when making an account on the platform.

Still that did not mean that Ubisoft did not receive massive backlash for its account policy. Considering the audience's attention on games preservation and the decline of physical media, angry reactions are definitely understandable.

For the moment, despite users saying that the policy might be against EU Consumer laws, it is going to stay in place. Thus, we would recommend that, if you have an Ubisoft account with games purchased, to make a quick log-in. You never know when that dreaded email is going to come knocking.

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