Elon Musk is so desperate for anyone to see his tweets

Elon Musk on top of a flaming Twitter logo

Elon Musk on top of a flaming Twitter logo

Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter CEO Elon Musk really wants you to see his awful tweets. The thrice-divorced Iron Man 2 cameo star is making sure that the third-rate social media platform prioritises his content before anyone else’s.

The multi-billionaire, self-proclaimed “technoking” has already attempted to force his tweets to more users of the social media platform. Recently, a Twitter employee was fired for explaining that the CEO is simply less popular after his Super Bowl tweet performed worse than Joe Biden’s.

Musk’s dictator-style acquisition of the social media platform has been seen across the platform. For starters, users creating a new account on the service will almost always be prompted to follow Musk, something that was never the case for prior CEOs.

Furthermore, Musk’s tweets have flooded the recommended tab of the platform. Since his purchase of Twitter, users have noticed that Musk posts are more common than ever, and it’s not just recency bias.

Blogger Jason Goldman tested the new recommended algorithm on a blank private account. Goldman discovered that an account that follows no one and doesn’t interact with other users will almost always be recommended Elon Musk posts instead of any other account.

In an image shared on his actual account, Goldman’s recommended consisted of four Musk tweets and one tweet from YouTuber Mr Beast. In fact, we’ve also noticed more and more Musk recommendations on both our Stealth Optional Twitter accounts and our personal Twitter accounts.

Musk’s tweets are now an obstacle to avoid on the social media platform. Even if you tell the platform you’re “Not Interested” in the egocentric billionaire, his tweets will still find their way to you. Whether it’s the Tesla owner sharing a right-wing conspiracy or, for some reason, telling the world he’s watching Step Brothers, that tweet has a far higher percentage of making its way to your feed.

For $44 billion, maybe Elon Musk has a point in pushing his tweets to everyone he possibly can. However, as Musk has often said, Twitter is a “town square” on the internet, and the billionaire has gone from local jester to an annoying town crier that no one can avoid.

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