Elon Musk fires Twitter engineer because he’s not popular anymore

Twitter CEO Elon Musk looking sad on top of a flaming Twitter bird icon

Twitter CEO Elon Musk looking sad on top of a flaming Twitter bird icon

Tesla founder-but-not-actually Elon Musk has fired a Twitter employee over his own lack of popularity. The newfound CEO of the social media platform kicked out a senior engineer after being told facts he didn’t like.

Reported by tech newsletter Platformer, one of the social media company’s “two remaining principal engineers” was fired for simply stating facts. The fact? That Elon Musk is no longer as popular as he was last year.

According to the report, Musk issued an emergency meeting to discuss his personal reach on the social media platform. Despite having almost 130 million Twitter followers, impressions on his tweets were in the tens of thousands.

“This is ridiculous,” Elon Musk allegedly said. “I have more than 100 million followers, and I’m only getting tens of thousands of impressions.”

According to the report, employees attempted to tell the multibillionaire tech mogul that he simply isn’t as popular as he was before. Prior to his acquisition of Twitter, Musk was one of the most popular subjects in the world, but his popularity has since plummeted.

Using Google Trends, employees showed their CEO his current popularity compared to last year. Compared to his peak performance in April, shown as 100, Musk’s popularity rests at just 9% of that peak. Furthermore, the employees showed that there is no evidence that the Twitter algorithm is biased against its CEO.

Following the explanation, an upset Musk simply fired the engineer. Musk has since requested the addition of a view count for each tweet in an effort to show the platform’s popularity, but it has instead shown how small the platform actually is.

Since Musk’s acquisition of the platform, Twitter has not only reduced in popularity, but has also become a buggy mess. Fans of the platform have complained about poor search functionality, broken features and outages since the billionaire’s takeover.

Furthermore, Musk’s acquisition of the company has resulted in numerous controversies. Due to the instalment of beds in Twitter offices, Musk is being fined unless he labels the sleeping areas as bedrooms and gets the proper permits.

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