Destiny 2 players call for boycott to force Bungie to fix the game

destiny 2 players call for boycott to force bungie to fix the game
Credit: Bungie

destiny 2 players call for boycott to force bungie to fix the game
Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 fans are sick of the way Bungie has been treating the game and are calling for a boycott until things improve. This beloved multiplayer shooter hasn’t fully recovered from some of the bugs that came with the most recent expansion and fans are sick of it.

A lengthy post on the game’s subreddit suggests that fans boycott the game to show how frustrated they are. Like the user points out, there are still plenty of fans that log in, hoping that the game gets better. While updates will eventually come, the sheer amount of these bugs and maintenance periods has tested everyone’s patience.

“If more and more people stop playing in protest, they will be forced to say something. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past, being complacent and silent is not very effective,” the user states.

Plenty of Destiny 2 players have responded, though some of them appear to be jokes. The game’s numerous maintenance periods means that people couldn’t play the game when the post was made, even if they wanted to.

“Can't play if you can't log in lol,” joked Harris42007.

“You’re not playing Destiny because you’re boycotting Bungie, I’m not playing Destiny because I literally cannot even log in, we are not the same,” chimed in Sliggy-Fubgubbler.

Boycotts are a nice idea in theory but they rarely work since there are multiple factors that go into bad decisions like this. Plus, with a game as popular as Bungie’s free-to-play shooter, it will be hard to dissuade some of the more hardcore fans. Hopefully, if this works, Bungie can finally do right by its fanbase and make this game better.

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Fans loved it when Bungie retained the rights to Destiny 2 from Activision, as the company has been consistently updating the game since going Free-to-Play. Many saw this as a Final Fantasy 14-style rebirth for the shooter. Sadly, numerous bugs and removing paid content has made fans turn on the popular game.

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