Destiny 2 fans beg for new sequel after years of DLC disappointment

Destiny 2 fans beg for new sequel after years of DLC disappointment

Destiny 2 fans beg for new sequel after years of DLC disappointment

Players of Bungie’s free-to-play MMOFPS Destiny 2 are unhappy with the current state of the game. After a disappointing DLC launch, Destiny 2 fans are campaigning for Bungie to abandon the game in favour of a sequel.

Fuelled by Destiny podcast The Destiny Show, fans of the series believe that a third game needs to enter development now. Following the game’s recent Lightfall expansion, players are unhappy with the title’s fundamentals as well as poor new content and retiring of older missions. 

On Twitter, the podcast released an opinion claiming “Destiny 3 needs to happen”. While some Destiny 2 fans were against the idea of a complete reset in a new game, many expressed a deep desire to leave the title behind in favour of a brand-new sequel.

A large number of Destiny 2 fans explained that they are tired of the game’s lack of core changes and archaic technology, and feel that a new title needs to be developed to truly push the series forward.

“The cracks are starting to become more and more noticeable every day,” one fan replied. “Let’s hope they’re having some internal discussions on how to go about D3 or ways to stabilize the current system. Because patching one hole almost always makes a new one.”

“We need a technical Destiny 3,” another fan replied. “The foundations the game is built upon are old and are about as stable as a house of cards. They can't just keep slapping band-aids and duct tape on it hoping it'll hold. It either needs some extensive work done on it, or rebuilt it entirely.”

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However, there are a number of fans that not only want Destiny 2 to continue, but are still upset about the retirement of the original game. With players having to abandon their Guardians and weapons on the first game, they’re not willing to do so again if a third title in the series ever gets made.

“The idea of a Destiny 3 reset makes me want to throw up,” one fan said. “My problem with Destiny 3 is the same we got from Destiny 2. I don’t want us to start from scratch,” said another.

Furthermore, some fans want Bungie to create a third game in the series that allows them to bring forward everything from the current game. This would not only require Bungie to recreate every weapon, character, skin and more, but also develop an entire new game with new content to support it.

At this moment, it’s clear that Destiny 2 fans are extremely torn between a new game, or just big fixes to the current title. While the game’s recent Lightfall expansion did fall far behind fan expectations, Bungie is still deep in development of new content for the FPSMMO.

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