Content Warning has "future updates in the works" despite short development time

Character unaware of a monster in Content Warning screenshot
Credit: Landfall Games

Character unaware of a monster in Content Warning screenshot
Credit: Landfall Games


  • Despite the sudden launch, Landfall Games, developer behind the hit Content Warning, have promised future content updates
  • However, the focus is on stability and fixing bugs or glitches before adding lots of new features
  • A VR mode is currently not planned, but the development team have said “never say never” to a potential VR version

Content Warning's launch may have landed on April Fools' Day, but it's no joke. The viral hit released as a free-to-keep title for just 24 hours, leading people to grab the game on Steam before it went up to $7.99. Despite the marketing strategy, and the fact that Landfall Games has released titles in a similar way before, the developer already has more content in the works for Content Warning.

Whether you've grown tired of the base game and have started installing Content Warning mods, or if Lethal Company's V50 update has forced you to find a game in a similar vein, Content Warning has some fun co-operative action to enjoy. Fortunately, despite the game only receiving a month-long development during an internal game jam, Landfall Games has more content planned.

Speaking to StealthOptional, the developer suggests that "We’re currently focusing mostly on fixing bugs, but we already have some fun content updates in the works", when asked whether the game will see any more content added to the excellent base game. There's no information about what these updates may offer in the future, but we hope it will add to the existing chaos in new and exciting ways.

If you've been figuring out how to throw items in Content Warning or learning all of the Content Warning tips and tricks, you'll have no doubt experienced some bugs or glitches. Considering the short development time, it's no surprise that there's some left over, yet very minor problems with the game. But, that's probably why Landfall Games is focusing on stabilising the game, and ensuring it works better.

When asked whether the game would see a VR version, that's not as clear. However, the developers did say "never say never". Considering that Content Warning's gameplay loop and style would certainly be fun while playing with the best VR headsets, we'd love to see it happen.

In other parts of our interview, the developers confirmed the inspirations behind Content Warning, including the current social media culture, as well as warning indie developers not to shadow drop their games in a similar fashion.

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