Lethal Company developer teases something "quite literally" big for Update 50

Player holding a flashlight at a door in Lethal Company screenshot
Credit: Zeekerss

Player holding a flashlight at a door in Lethal Company screenshot
Credit: Zeekerss

After a busy start to the month with Lethal Company developer Zeekerss dropping Update 47 for the game, the solo dev is teasing something big for the milestone of Update 50, while also saying they're taking a break for "a bit".

The Lethal Company patch notes are constantly being updated, with the game scheduled to hit the big 50 soon, despite the indie horror only releasing in October 2023. While we're all having fun running from the Lethal Company monsters, the game's sole dev is busy working on some updates, but has announced that they are "[kind of] tired this January so [Update 50 will] take a bit" in a recent tweet.

However, Zeekerss did state they are planning some "big stuff for Version 50", also adding that they mean it "quite literally". One user jokingly replied with "just call it the sex update already", a running meme based on the Cult of the Lamb sex update that recently released, but we expect that it'll more than likely mean that a large new monster is coming, or something along those lines.

It's already difficult to kill all of the monsters in Lethal Company, so a new addition to the list, potentially one that is bigger than the rest, will definitely up the challenge. However, it could also be big changes to the map, with Zeekerss teasing players on what to expect in the Update 47 patch notes, saying "I hope to add lots of new creatures and map variation."

Hopefully, the developer can take a well-deserved break after the success of Lethal Company in late 2023. For now, you can always find all of the easter eggs and secrets in Lethal Company to pass the time, as you wait for Update 50 to finally drop.

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