Charlie Cox begs Marvel to use ‘a tiny bit more CGI’ for Daredevil: Born Again

Netflix’s Daredevil show was a brilliantly brutal series filled with practical stunts. However, the transition of Daredevil into the more fantastical realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has actor Charlie Cox hoping for a bit more CGI.

Speaking to GQ, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen actor believes that added CG will be good for the character. But will the fans agree with this sentiment?

CG Charlie Cox

In the interview, Cox explained that the Daredevil Netflix show was rooted firmly in reality. All of the show’s action sequences had to be possible with physical stunts, including enhancements such as wirework.

“With the batons particularly, we could never really do anything in our show where Daredevil ricochets a baton off a wall and takes someone out because you can't physically do that,” Cox explained. “It's not safe and not possible.”

With this in mind, Cox begged Marvel to give them just a bit more CGI for scenes like that. While the actor wants to keep the majority of fight sequences as real fights, CG could be used do make the show more comic-accurate. The actor explained:

“I guess what I would say is: hopefully, on the Disney+ show, Born Again, we will be able to use—and I hope that we do it sparingly, I believe it should be used sparingly—but we'll hopefully be able to use a tiny bit more CGI in the action sequences. Just to emphasize his gymnastic abilities that have been basically impossible to do. It really should be sparingly. I don't believe there should be complete action sequences that are almost all computer-generated. Most of it should be stunt-coordinated and done by a stunt performer and myself or the other actors in a similar fashion to what we did before.”

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Born Again was a surprise

In the interview, Charlie Cox reveals his surprise at the reveal of Daredevil: Born Again. While the actor was obviously aware of the series prior to its announcement, he wasn’t originally signed on for his own series.

Cox explained that his initial agreement was for two appearances: Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk. Of course, after much fan hype, he was given his own Marvel series. (He may also appear in Echo as well.)

“It was those two,” he told the outlet. “Kevin was quite clear in our first conversation [that] it was gonna be maybe a scene in Spider-Man as Matt Murdock only, and then an episode or two of She-Hulk, where we would meet Daredevil again. After that, we'll see. It was initially just those two things.”

Daredevil’s appearance in She-Hulk was more lighthearted than his Netflix run, but that’s okay. Charlie Cox is still the perfect Matt Murdock in our eyes, even if he is a tad bit goofier.

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