Borat’s Sasha Baron Cohen will play Dormammu in Marvel’s Ironheart

Very nice! Borat and Ali-G actor Sasha Baron Cohen is reportedly joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The beloved comedy actor will allegedly join the popular movie franchise in Ironheart.

Rumours are already running wild regarding the series’ main villain. While previous rumours claimed that Alden Ehrenreich would play the son of Ironmonger, Cohen’s rumours point at a far different main villain.

Sasha Baron Cohen is Dormammu

According to MCU Status, Cohen will play a version of Dormammu in Ironheart. Last seen in Doctor Strange, the original version of MCU Dormammu was played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

In Doctor Strange (2016), Dormammu had no physical form at all. This meant that the character was mimicking the voice and general features of the character. However, that’s still not the physical version of the character.

According to the leak, Cohen will play Parker Robbins, aka The Hood. Using music, the character will become a version of Dormammu, creating a physical form for the villain. However, he will not have the character’s full power.

As the series goes on, Sasha Baron Cohen is expected to become the comic accurate look of Dormammu. Yes, this means the Ghost Rider-style burning skull will hopefully turn up in the new series.

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Going hard for Ironheart

The (unconfirmed) inclusion of Sasha Baron Cohen in Ironheart is yet another massive addition to the Ironheart cast. Over the last few months, the series has attached a large number of actors to the projects.

Furthermore, Ironheart is benefiting from a fantastically diverse cast of characters and actors. The cast includes the MCU’s first trans actor as well as the first non-binary actor.

Ironheart will debut in the upcoming movie Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever. The character will reportedly fight alongside the Wakandans to fight Namor.

Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever released on 11 November 2022.

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