Marvel casts first non-binary actor for upcoming Ironheart series

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has started to become more diverse as of late, allowing people of different races, ethnicities and sexualities to take the lead in movies and shows. Despite Phase 4’s weak start, one of the more intriguing aspects of the latest MCU arc is its variety in cast and story.

Continuing its move towards diversity, the MCU has cast its first non-binary actor for a new show. Debuting in next year’s Ironheart, the character is expected to have a major role.

Who is the first non-binary Marvel actor?

Reported by Deadline, Marvel has cast non-binary actor Shea Couleé in Ironheart. Debuting in the MCU next year, the actor will join a still-forming cast for the upcoming series.

Couleé, a performer on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, has not revealed their role in the series. In fact, just like the rest of Ironheart, it would appear that Marvel is keeping it a very close guarded secret. Spoilers, perhaps?

In a post on Instagram, the actor explained that they’re humbled by their entry into the MCU. As their first major acting role, after their massive popularity on Ru Paul, the actor expressed their feelings on the situation. They said:

“I’m trying to find the words to express the deep excitement I feel over this project. Acting was my first love long before Drag. So it only seems fitting to end my Drag Race journey and begin my acting career in the biggest way I could imagine. Stepping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been like stepping into OZ. ‘Ironheart’ is top to bottom going to be an absolutely STUNNING experience for the viewers, and I’m so humbled everyday that I get to work on set with some of the best and most dedicated artists in the industry. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my journey, and I look forward to sharing the exciting new chapter with you all"

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Who else is in Ironheart?

A lot of the details surrounding Ironheart are very mysterious. However, we do know a number of characters that will be popping up in the series.

Firstly, Ironheart herself, played by newcomer Dominique Thorn, who will appear in Black Panther 2. Alongside Thorn, Don Cheadle turns as War Machine. However, one casting option is by far the most interesting.

According to rumours, Ironheart will see the return of Alden Ehrenreich, previously known for playing Han Solo. Reportedly, he will be the villain of the series, the son of the original Iron Man villain.

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