Baldur’s Gate 3 is still in Steam’s top three concurrently played games

baldurs gate 3 is still ridiculously popular
Credit: Larian Studios/Steam

baldurs gate 3 is still ridiculously popular
Credit: Larian Studios/Steam

Baldur’s Gate 3 has proven to be a one-of-a-kind title that will likely dominate everyone’s Game of the Year list. What’s surprising isn’t its quality, but the fact that it’s still one of the most popular games on Steam more than a month after its release.

A Twitter post from game developer Dillon Rogers reveals that Larian Studios’ RPG is still being played by over 250k players at the same time. It’s currently the third most-played game on Steam, which is impressive since Counter-Strike 2 is currently dominating the charts.

This just goes to show that gamers will gravitate towards something made with passion, a lot of heart, and a lack of scummy microtransactions. One could also argue that this is another win for single-player games, especially with Cyberpunk 2077 sitting in fourth place, likely due to the Phantom Liberty expansion and its huge 2.0 update.

A Twitter user points out how Baldur's Gate 3 is dominating Steam.
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Credit: Dillon Rogers (Twitter)

Obviously, this isn’t the first time Baldur’s Gate 3 has made it to the most-played Steam games list. In fact, the game was #1 when it officially launched and was released from Early Access, immediately netting over 800k concurrent players. To this day, many cite that fact as a miracle since this is a nice CRPG with a reliance on turn-based combat and D&D-style dice mechanics.

Love for the RPG has only increased now that it’s available on Sony’s PlayStation 5. While this version doesn’t run as well as a high-end PC, it’s still a more than viable option for Sony users. Xbox players are still waiting for a release date, though Larian promised that it would be coming out this year.

Unfortunately, despite doing really well on Steam, the RPG doesn’t run too well on a Steam Deck. While the game has been classified as a ‘verified’ experience, many players have struggled playing through Act 3, compromises and all.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on PC and PlayStation 5, with the Xbox Series version coming soon.

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