Bad Rocket League players are using AI to cheat in ranked play

An image of Rocket League Season 9 two cars, one blue, one red, driving towards us.

An image of Rocket League Season 9 two cars, one blue, one red, driving towards us.

Cheaters are a rare breed of gamers that are contempt with playing games they have no skill in. From wallhacks to aimbots, cheaters have plagued games for years, and now AI technology is helping “gamers” chat at Rocket League.

Psyonix’s Rocket League has a long history with cheaters. Since its launch in 2015, there have been a few wave of cheaters using hacks to increase boost speed and the like, but they were stomped out fairly quickly.

However, now hackers are using artificial intelligence to cheat in the sci-fi sports game. An AI bot that was developed as a machine learning project has now been maliciously turned into a cheating player in the game’s ranked mode.

Developed by RLGym, the Nexto bot is capable of playing with perfect precision, scoring effortless goals that many would deem impossible. However, the bot was never meant to be used publically, and that’s just what’s happened.

Speaking to PC Gamer, RLGym developer Aech revealed that they are working with the community to stop cheaters from using the bots. While the Nexto boys are currently infiltrating ranked play due to cheaters, there is a large crowd looking to boot them out of the popular online game.

“RLGym is incredibly lucky to have found a super passionate and understanding community, and we won’t let these cheaters stop us,” the developer said. “We’re taking steps to ensure our bots can’t be abused in the future and we can’t wait to show everyone the exciting projects we’ve been working on.”

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Currently, only a handful of cheaters are firing up the Nexto bots in Rocket League. However, they are prominent enough that fans have taken notice of the virtual players in the sci-fi sports game. But what can they do against them?

Currently, the only way to get rid of the bots is to use the in-game reporting feature. If you find yourself encountering one of the pesky cheaters, report it as cheating in-game. Hopefully, Psyonix will take action and ban the accounts. 

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