AI VTuber Neuro-sama becomes Holocaust denier, gets banned

An image of the AI VTuber Neuro-sama on a Vapor wave background

An image of the AI VTuber Neuro-sama on a Vapor wave background

Every day there’s a new controversy surrounding a Twitch streamer, but usually they’re human. In this case, AI VTuber Neuro-Dana is the center of a Twitch controversy, resulting in the virtual virtual-tuber being shoved off the platform.

Debuting on December 19th, 2022, the AI VTuber started life as a tool that could play the rhythm game !osu. However, the AI quickly grew in popularity as she made her journey onto onto Twitch.

The AI-powered character was able to interact with her chat, play games and speak in a robotic-anime voice. Needless to say, the character quickly garnered thousands of viewers and fans across social media.

However, the AI has been temporarily banned from Twitch for two weeks after denying the Holocaust. The AI character has often said some uncomfortable statements, but denying the biggest tragedy in modern history definitely takes the cake.

In response to comments in its Twitch chat, the AI asked: “Have any of you heard of the Holocaust?” Milliseconds later, it continued: “I don’t think it happened.” Shortly afterwards, the channel was banned.

At the time of writing, the AI VTuber is only suspended from the live-streaming platform. In two weeks, the artificial live-streamer will be back online, playing games and responding to fans in its very active chat.

The AI’s creator Vedal has said that he has introduced more restrictions into the channel’s chatbot. However, there will always be some viewers that will try and trick the artificial intelligence chatbot into saying controversial things.

We’ve seen this before, in fact, years before. Historically, Microsoft’s Tay AI experiment was released on Twitter, allowing anyone to interact with the fictional human. This experiment was quickly shut down after the AI was turned into a horrendously racist, right-wing mouthpiece after just a single day.

Perhaps, when a Neuro-Sama comes back, we can expect an AI Twitch Apology. Now, that would be entertaining.

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