John Krasinski isn't playing Reed Richards, claims Marvel Insider

Doctor Strange 2 gave fans hope that John Krasinski would be Mr. Fantastic in the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Another Marvel insider has claimed that Marvel Studios won’t be casting John Krasinski as Reed Richards for their eventual Fantastic Four film.

It’s still odd that Marvel would fulfill a fan-favorite casting in John Krasinski as Reed Richards, only to undo it. Still, the company is investing in the MCU’s multiverse for their next phase and we’re interested in seeing The Fantastic Four when they eventually debut.

John Krasinski out as Reed Richards?

Skyler Shuler, the co-founder of the Disney Insider, claimed that John Krasinski would not be Reed Richards in the MCU’s Fantastic Four. Responding to the rumored cast of Fantastic Four, Shuler made sure to say that Krasinski wouldn’t be playing Sue Storm’s husband in the film.

It’s worth noting that Shuler isn’t the only one who has ruled out John Krasisnki as The Fantastic Four’s leader. We’re going to assume that he will appear as a possible member in the Counsel of Reeds but other than that, we might just get a new MCU Reed Richards.

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What can we expect from the MCU’s Fantastic Four?

Marvel’s Phase Five revealed that Fantastic Four won’t be coming for a long time, so we’ll worry about the Reed Richards casting later. Still, teasing John Krasinki in Doctor Strange 2 was a bit mean for fans who’ve wanted to see that come to fruition for the longest time.

Reports claim that Matt Shackman is going to direct Fantastic Four after Jon Watts backed out, but we don’t know much else. Despite all these rumours of castings for the film, no concrete evidence has been released and we’ll have to wait for the official casting reveal to know for sure.

Fantastic Four is scheduled for a November 8, 2024 release as part of Phase Five.

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