Popular Metaverse Singer moves performances to the real world?

We’ve seen real world celebrities endorse the metaverse before, but what about the opposite? In a weird development, Metaverse singer Polar, who has already accumulated millions of followers, is moving into the real world.

With Polar wanting more fans, the virtual star is aiming to perform for people in the real world one day. But then what’s the point the Metaverse?

Metaverse singer?

Created by TheSoul Publishing, Polar was inspired by acts like ABBA and currently performs in the metaverse, while also proving to be a hit on social media. Polar’s career only started last year but she already has 1.6 million followers on TikTok and over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, which is fairly impressive.

Despite all these accomplishments, Polar told Reuters that she wants to perform in the real world someday. Admittedly, it’s not an impossible goal since we’ve seen DJs have concerts, so we wouldn’t be too shocked if more Polar shows open in the future. Only time will tell if she actually hits the mainstream but technology has made many things possible.

"I want to perform a live show in a real venue in front of my real-world fans. It may not be as far away as people think," Polar told Reuters.

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Virtual celebrities

Victor Potrel, TheSoul Publishing's Vice President of Platform Partnerships, revealed that they might want to present Polar as a metaverse singer through holograms. Various popstars have used holograms in their concerts before, with Potrel bringing up ABBA, who is the major influence for Polar.

"ABBA is doing a series of concerts where they are a hologram on stage, and we think that that's a type possible - to also bring Polar to the real world in this way," he said.

It might sound ridiculous but virtual celebrities could actually happen, at least if we use YouTube as an example. Many content creators have resorted to using VTubers to represent themselves or even use a different persona. This method has proven to be quite successful and we wouldn’t be surprised if more virtual or metaverse popstars become a thing.

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