Tom Holland allegedly re-signs for new MCU Spider-Man trilogy

Tom Holland has proven to be an excellent Spider-Man, with all of his MCU movies proving to be consistent hits. Unsurprisingly, a rumour claims that Marvel is planning to announce that the actor has re-signed for another MCU Spider-Man trilogy.

Given how the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home teased a bold, yet familiar, status quo, the rumour isn’t surprising. With D23 expected to take place this weekend, could we see everyone’s favorite spoilerific MCU actor sign a new deal?

New Spider-Man deal for Tom Holland?

Marvel Insider The Den of Nerds went on Twitter to share a GIF about Tom Holland making all that money. With D23 airing this weekend and more Spider-Man sequels planned, it seems that an announcement with the actor is likely.

Sony and Marvel haven’t commented on a new trilogy, though rumors of the wall-crawler’s next set of films have spread. Even if Spider-Man is technically a shared property with Sony, a D23 announcement would make many an MCU fan happy.

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What’s next for Spider-Man?

The ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home revealed that nobody remembers Peter Parker, meaning no support from Happy Hogan, MJ, or Ned. It also means that the biggest Tom Holland Spider-Man critics are finally getting what they want; a miserable superhero movie.

Ned actor Jacob Batalon has also hinted at becoming the Hobgoblin in the next Spider-Man film, which would be surprising. While some might see this as character assassination, keep in mind that he has no more memories of Peter Parker.

Fans who need their fill of quips and nostalgia can check out Spider-Man: No Way Home. Aside from a Disney+ release, the movie was also re-released with additional footage and a new post-credits scene.

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