Spider-Man 4 may feature Ned as the Hobgoblin, teases actor

Spider-Man: No Way Home proved to be a hit with fans and critics alike. The film’s fan-pleasing cameos and solid storytelling gave us the return Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, and The Lizard. However, many are wondering what villains are left for Spider-Man 4.

If a new tease from Ned Leeds actor Jacob Batalon is anything to go by, we could be getting the Hobgoblin. Now that the character has no memory of Peter, will he become the infamous Hobgoblin?

Hobgoblin teased

Jacob Batalon decided to give fans an interesting teaser as he posed with a Hobgoblin action figure from the ‘90s Spider-Man cartoon on Instagram, which was instantly shared on Reddit. If Batalon’s goal was to get fans theorising about Spider-Man 4, it's fair to say that he succeeded.

Within hours, thousands of fans flocked the actor's post seeking new details on the next Spidey flick. A number of fans were excited to see more of Ned in the upcoming film, while others were worried that turning the character into a villain would be a bad move.

On the other hand, numerous MCU followers are in the middle, seemingly just theorising how the villainous turn will happen. With fans now debating on how and if Ned should become the Hobgoblin, it's fair to say the tease has gripped attention everywhere.

Fan reactions

Naturally, fans are divided on if Ned should become the Hobgoblin for Spider-Man 4. Some feel his character is too wholesome and goofy to portray the sadistic character. Others theorize that his personality may have been altered after the events of No Way Home since he no longer has a friendship with Peter Parker due to the memory wipe.

“MCU Ned would make a terrible Hobgoblin. He’s too goofy and wholesome to be the least bit threatening (plus Ned wasn’t even the real Hobgoblin),” says Reddit user Havengulwitch. “They’ve done the “Peter’s best friend becomes a goblin-themed villain” way too much. It’s played out"

"Peter was his best friend. Now, the memory of him has been replaced, leaving behind a weird empty spot,” says user tangoliber. “All those times that Ned and Peter ate lunch together in the cafeteria? With Peter’s memory erased, Ned now only remembers eating alone, day after day. Could be a massive shift in personality, if they wanted to go that route."

Only time will tell if Ned does end up becoming the MCU’s Hobgoblin. It’s clear that there’s something there if the writers decide to go with it, though many will miss the "CEO of Sex" and his charming personality.

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Venom may be first

Keep in mind that Sony still has some say in how these Spider-Man movies are made, and there are other plans in place. The ending of No Way Home revealed that some of Venom’s symbiote is still in the MCU, teasing a villainous turn for Spider-Man 4.

Whether this new version of Venom will be Eddie Brock, Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, or, even, Ned Leeds remains to be seen. All we can say is: a Ned Leeds Venom would be a great twist for the upcoming movie.

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