Sony’s Kraven the Hunter is no longer a hunter... or a villain

Sony’s Spider-Man Connected Universe is set to continue with Kraven the Hunter. After the disaster that was Morbius, Sony is still dead-set on milking as much as it can out of Spider-Man without using the webhead.

However, just like the studio dog with Venom and Morbius, as well as the upcoming Madame Web, some big changes are coming to the deadly Spidey Villain.

Kraven the Hunter is not a hunter anymore

Speaking to Variety, Kraven the Hunter actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson revealed a huge difference between the movie and comic book version of his character. That difference being the fact that this movie version is not a big game hunter.

Instead, Sony’s Kraven is more of an animal conservationist, ditching his dangerous, bloodthirsty nature. While the character will still have the instincts of a hunter, that’s not the main purpose of the villain.

“[Kraven is] not an alien, or a wizard,” Johnson said. “He’s just a hunter, a human with conviction. An animal lover and a protector of the natural world. He’s a very, very cool character.”

Johnson revealed that the character is still “Spider Man’s number one rival”, despite existing in a world where Spidey seemingly doesn’t exist anymore. Furthermore, he revealed that the movie takes place almost entirely in a single location.

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Why has Sony changed Kraven the Hunter?

Sony’s alteration to Kraven the Hunter is a wild one. This is a character whose whole existence is due to hunting and Spider-Man, and both of those are taken away.

Of course, there’s an obvious reason for this: Sony wants him to be an anti-hero. (Well, more hero than anti-hero.) As you’d expect, the mass audience isn’t going to back a guy that slaughters animals for fun; that’s not hero stuff.

Instead, Sony’s Kraven will simply be a guy without purpose. Will he even wear the character’s iconic lion pelt? Maybe they’ll change it so the lion was his friend.

Sony doesn’t care

The massive alterations to beloved Spider-Man characters are getting more and more extreme in Sony’s Spider-Man Connected Universe, and they’re not stopping. With Madame Web, El Meurto and more in the works, Sony is simply looking to capitalise on Marvel’s good faith.

With Marvel branding used all over Sony’s movies, they are attempting to fool people into thinking their movies are MCU material, and MCU quality. If anything, they’re further-diluting Marvel’s hard work with bargain bin drivel.

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