Marvel’s Fantastic Four production will start Fall 2023

The Marvel Studios reboot of Fantastic Four has been making good progress lately, managing to get a director and writers. While a cast for Marvel’s First Family hasn’t been announced yet, it looks like film production could start next year.

Since the MCU installment is coming out in 2025, it makes sense to start production for the project in 2023. Hopefully, this means we get information on the film’s cast soon, so we’ll know if John Krasinski’s in or out.

Fantastic Four production starts next Fall

According to Murphy’s Multiverse, Fantastic Four will start production in Fall 2023, though no official dates have been revealed yet. In addition to a possible Fall production date, Marvel has also locked down a studio in the UK for filming.

Reportedly, Fall 2023 was always the planned date for this MCU reboot back when it was scheduled for November 2024. Now that there’s more time to work on this movie, Marvel can actually make the VFX look crisper than usual.

It will be interesting to see if the additional time is to the movie’s benefit, especially since there’s no official cast yet. Hopefully, Marvel Studios decides to announce the film’s cast sooner or later since fans really want to know.

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What’s Fantastic Four about?

Now that we’re finally getting the MCU version of the Fantastic Four, many are curious about what the story is. Since the multiverse is becoming a big deal in the MCU, some are hoping we get the Council of Reeds.

Acclaimed writer Jonathan Hickman came up with that concept and many think the film will be based on his run. The fact that his version of Secret Wars is the one getting a movie adaptation supports that theory.

Fantastic Four is currently scheduled for a February 14, 2025 release.

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