Marvel’s Armor Wars is now a movie instead of a TV Show

Marvel’s Armor Wars is set to be Don Cheadle’s final outing as War Machine and his exit has been upgraded. The Disney+ series is now being developed as a movie, with sources claiming this will improve how the story’s told.

Considering how most Marvel movies are better than the shows, minus a few exceptions, this is good news for everyone. Hopefully, they make Rhodie’s possible final outing one to remember, as the character has been very deserving of the spotlight.

Armor Wars is a movie now

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news of Armor Wars becoming a movie, confirming that head writer Yassir Lester is staying. As stated earlier, sources have told the website that this is a move that will supposedly tell the story better.

However, since planning a series and a movie are different, this means that the project is now further down development. It’s not clear if any directors were attached to the series but notable people involved were informed of the news.

Originally, the series was going to follow plot threads from Secret Invasion and that can still happen, all things considered. While the movie will likely be part of Phase 6, there’s a chance that it can be a late Phase 5 installment.

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This isn’t a first for Marvel

Marvel is notorious for changing how some of their projects are structured, with Inhumans and Secret Invasion originally being movies. Eventually, both of those projects became shows, with Inhumans getting ravaged by critics while Secret Invasion hasn’t come out yet.

Interestingly, Armor Wars could be the first time a series was redeveloped into a movie and that should be fun. Don Cheadle has been in the MCU for a long time and we hope this swansong for the actor is done well, assuming that it is a swansong.

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