Scrapped Grey Hulk storyline is planned for future MCU movie

After She-Hulk revealed Hulk departing Earth on a Sakaaran spaceship, fans are curious of the future of Bruce Banner’s alter ego. In the future, the green goliath’s story may turn grey. Fans already know what that means.

In a recent interview, Mark Ruffalo hinted at Grey Hulk making his debut in a future MCU film.We haven’t seen Hulk go on a proper rampage since Age of Ultron, where Grey Hulk was supposed to debut. Will this be a key part of a future World War Hulk movie?

Grey Hulk in the MCU?

Mark Ruffalo spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Smart Hulk’s future after She-Hulk, with the actor hinting that the character can “morph into anything.” Accordingly, he namedropped “Berserker Hulk,” the savage grey-colored Hulk that many classic fans have wanted to see in the MCU.

“The cool thing about this world is that it could just be anything… five years from now it could totally morph into anything, whatever’s pertinent at the time. I almost see him going back to ‘Berserker Hulk’ or ‘World War Hulk’. It could go anywhere,” says Ruffalo. “That’s the exciting part — I’ve played five different versions from beginning to now, and that’s kept it interesting for me and I hope interesting for other people.”

Considering how fans have been vocal about wanting Hulk to be interesting again, introducing Grey Hulk to the MCU would do that. While seeing Bruce Banner have full control of Hulk is nice for the character, he’s ultimately more interesting when his anger gets the better of him.

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Original Age of Ultron plans

As mentioned previously, Berserker Hulk was originally going to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, presumably when Wanda controlled Hulk’s mind. VFX supervisor Christopher Townsend spoke with Screenrant about how Grey Hulk was going to look like in Age of Ultron, with gray skin, red eyes, and crooked teeth.

“What Joss wanted to do was he said, ‘I wanted to have a Hulk that’s this berserker Hulk.’ Berserker Hulk was this Hulk that Hulks out, was what we had come up with on set,” said Townsend. “And then we sort of started talking about, ‘Well what are those extremes?’ And [Industrial Light and Magic] started playing with a deformed body with a deformed face with one eye larger than another. You know, like crooked teeth, and drooling, and red eyes, and all this kind of stuff.”

It will be interesting to see what Grey Hulk ends up being like in the MCU, especially if a She-Hulk battle happens. No word on when we’ll hear about Mark Ruffalo’s next MCU project but fans should tune into She-Hulk for any possible clues.

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