World War Hulk movie is on top of Mark Ruffalo’s Marvel wishlist

World War Hulk in the MCU?

During a recent She-Hulk launch event, Mark Ruffalo was asked about the Disney+ series possibly teasing the World War Hulk story in the MCU. Though Ruffalo didn’t spoil the project completely like he did Avengers: Infinity War, the actor did say he would be willing to take part in a possible solo film if Marvel is planning one.

“Anytime they want to do it, I’m here,” Ruffalo said to Entertainment Tonight.

Since the She-Hulk series hasn’t been officially released yet, it is interesting to hear that the show might actually tease the World War Hulk storyline. MCU fans have already seen Planet Hulk partially adapted with Thor: Ragnarok, complete with a gladiator Hulk, Sakaar, Korg, and Miek

However, what’s most intriguing is what a World War Hulk movie means for the future. Until She-Hulk, Marvel had been unable to create solo Hulk projects. Perhaps that time is changing.

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Does World War Hulk mean Banner will lose control?

The events of Avengers: Endgame have revealed that Hulk is a beloved superhero now that Bruce Banner is in full control. However, if She-Hulk is going to tease the World War Hulk storyline, there’s a chance that Banner will lose control and get a proper version of the anger-induced giant again.

It will be interesting to see if we actually get a World War Hulk movie, considering how much of a legal nightmare anything Hulk-related is. For those unaware, the rights to a solo Hulk movie belong to Universal Studios but Marvel has been able to use the character in crossovers. The fact we have She-Hulk on Disney+ is nothing short of a miracle and a World War Hulk film would be even more miraculous.

She-Hulk will be coming to Disney+ later this week, on August 18.

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