PSVR: How to setup PSVR camera

The PSVR camera is an additional option for the PS4 or PS5 console as well as the PSVR headset where it can be used to plunge into an exquisite VR experience like no other. But you need to do the required setup for you to use it.

Luckily enough it won't take you too much time to do it.

It's all easy and comfortable, and won't mess with your schedule for the day.

With that, here's how to setup the PSVR camera.

Connect and setup your PSVR camera

As per the official PlayStation support page, there are only a few steps in order to connect and eventually activate the PSVR camera.

  • Set your PSVR camera at around 1.4m high and 2m away from the area where you will position yourself while playing.
  • Then go to your TV screen's center part while you are holding the controllers intended for the PSVR.
  • Once you set yourself on the designated area, click Continue, and it will now make your PSVR camera configured.

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Reconfigure your PSVR camera

Reconfiguring your PSVR camera is more of a different case.

But it should also be an easy task to do, so head on to your headset's Settings and choose Accessories.

Select the PSVR, and reconfigure it by clicking on to the 'Adjust PS Camera' option on the screen.

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