How to recenter your PSVR: What to do if your screen is off-centre



The best way to use your PSVR is to put its screen slap-bang in the centre of your field of vision. But what if it is off-centre?

Well, adjusting it would only take a few minutes, or even seconds I suppose.

There's no need to worry about how to solve this case. Here's how to recenter your PSVR if your screen if off-centre:

Hold the options button

Well, the best way to fix it is to hold on to the Options button on your PlayStation controller.

According to the official Reddit page for PSVR, you just need to hold on to the Options button, and the positioning of your VR view will be recentred.

It really is that simple!

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The PS button

You can do the option above yes. But in some cases, not all developers have adjusted to that scheme.

But there is still another way to recenter your PSVR screen in no time:

  • Press the PS button quickly on your controller.
  • It should now let the PS pop-up menu.
  • Then choose the VR option and recenter your PSVR quickly.

Seems pretty easy both ways, right?

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