PSVR: How to charge the Move controllers for the headset

The PS Move controllers have a battery of their own, so you need to charge those in order to use them again once they hit low battery. These are the primary method of controlling a game through PSVR.

But you cannot charge these Move controllers on ordinary wall outlets. There are some important points you need to know first before you'll be able to restore power on those.

Once you finish this set-up, you can then continuously use your controllers without the fear of having its battery hit rock bottom.

With that being said, here's how to charge the PS Move controllers for PSVR.

Charge your PSVR Move controllers by plugging those into your PS console

Your PS Move controllers can be charged by plugging them into your PlayStation console.

On the official Reddit page for the PSVR, this method can be seen as the top way on how to charge those.

Sync both PSVR Move controllers to your PS console and have those plugged-in directly onto the port of your PS3, PS4, or PS5.

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Charge your PSVR Move controllers by using a charging dock station

To make things easier, Sony manufactured a charging dock station for the PSVR Move controllers.

You only need to plug these into an outlet. Place your PS Move controllers properly on the dock station to get the power it needs to charge.

You can purchase your own here.

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