How to walk in Rec Room on PSVR

Rec Room is one of the most interesting VR games today. You can do a lot of things there, but the simplest one would be walking.

The virtual reality game, developed by Rec Room Inc, lets players do real-time explorations, especially when using a VR headset.

And with the PSVR, you can maximize the game's full potential. But how can you start, especially with walking?

Well, here's how to walk in Rec Room on PSVR:

How to walk in Rec Room on PSVR

At the start of the game, you'll be given a choice between walking or teleporting. Make sure you choose 'Walk' when the two buttons present themselves, although you can always change your mind later in your settings.

Once you've chosen the 'Walk' option, you'll be able to walk around using the 'move' button on your controller.

That's it. Simple right? By tapping and clicking on the move button, you can do a lot of things in Rec Room.

You can also teleport, jump, and even fly by using the same button. It will allow you to explore the game through a variety of actions.

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Other actions from walking

The Rec Room fandom wiki page lists almost everything you can do by using the basic controls in the game, especially while walking.

You can do sprinting (from and while walking) on your PSVR just by toggling the move button.

Then you can also do sliding and sprinting. Just add the upper, outer face button on your action list (represented by the right triangle or left square of your non-walking hand).

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