NBA 2K21 No VC glitch: What to do if VC currency is not working

Currency in the NBA 2K series has long been a staple, where you could upgrade your teams and players with the skills that they sorely needed.

Ever since the release NBA 2K21 a few weeks ago, there has been some issues rendering the currency unavailable.

Pre-order bonuses were fixed a day after launch, but there still seems to be remnants of the currency being an issue.

With that, here’s how to fix the glitch for the time being.

A 2K21 VC Glitch

There’s been a strange glitch where the VC on your account either doesn’t show, or rare moments where unlimited amounts are given to players.

The issue seems to lie in some precise customisation in the players at the MyCareer mode. When the stats are configured in a certain way, you can find that your VC Wallet has much more of a bulge than before.

This is something that 2K is aware of, especially as VC is a big part of their controversial IAP to the series.

Last year’s ‘Casino’ style IAP wasn’t well received, and while it’s welcome to see a minimal style in this year’s release, having to be offered an amount to update a character instead of grinding the old fashioned way is still something that players try to avoid.

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Greed is Not Good

Currently 2K are investigating the glitches, as it is rendering matches to be very unfair when in multiplayer .

But there are plenty of YouTubers who are publishing guides, such as the one above, to see just how far this glitch can go without breaking the game.

Hopefully 2K patch up the glitch soon, and while there’s also reports of a ‘Badge’ glitch appearing in this new entry too, it sounds that they have a lot on their hands to fix.

But for now, you can see if the glitch works for you, and if uninstalling and re-installing the game gets rid of this issue.

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