NBA 2K21 pre-order bonus not working: What can you do to fix it?

Another year brings another NBA 2K game from Visual Concepts, and with that, new pre-order bonuses.

It released on all current systems on the 4th September to positive reviews, and while it’s a good improvement on previous games, some have had trouble in claiming their pre-order bonuses that they’ve been looking forward to take advantage of.

Bonuses for the editions such as ‘Mamba Forever’ and the MyTEAM Points, MyCAREER Skill Boosts, Shoe Collections and many more were seemingly unavailable for many when the game unlocked on release day.

Fortunately, 2K have been aware of the issues and have recommended some fixes.

Pre-Order Fail

Many players were experiencing faults with trying to access the bonuses on the 4th, and they kept being greeted with a message of ‘Cannot reach Server’ when they would try to redeem.

Luckily, 2K were aware of this and reassured many that they were on the case, and that no one would lose out on the pre-order bonuses.

There were other errors that would show up. Some who hadn’t even pre-ordered the game and tried to buy something on the shop would report that they wouldn’t receive anything either.

With the re-assurance from 2K, it didn’t take long for unofficial band-aids to surface through players’ tried and tested methods.

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How to Fix

One recommendation from players was to simply uninstall the game from their console or PC, and download it again. Some reported success from this.

Others found that there was an update available, and closing the game, updating and re-launching also fixed this. But others chose to just wait it out, and fortunately, 2K came through in record-time.

Players are now reporting that they are using their pre-order bonuses with no issues, and many are enjoying the game as expected.

But for those who are still experiencing issues, are recommended to contact 2K Support directly from the above tweet to see if they can investigate the fault further.

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