Elden Ring Easy Anti-Cheat Error: How To Fix "Failed To Initialize The Game Launcher" Issue On PC

Elden Ring may have been widely praised by critics and players alike, but that's no comfort to anyone who has been affected by the Elden Ring Easy Anti-Cheat Error. So what can you do to fix it?

This is a nasty little glitch that means players have been unable to experience the game for themselves. And while bugs are often tolerated by gamers when a new game is released, with both the Elden Ring Co-Op Error and Elden Ring PS5 Save error still hurting players, it's endlessly frustrating when something so serious slips through the net.

We're on hand to provide you with some advice on what to do if this is the situation in which you find yourself. In this article, we'll explain what we know about the Elden Ring EAC error, and most importantly, what you might be able to do about it.

How To Fix Elden Ring Easy Anti-Cheat Error

At this stage, there is no "official" fix for the EAC error on Elden Ring. But this isn't our first rodeo. Nor is it the first time a game has experienced problems with EAC preventing it from launching. Here are some suggestions based on that prior knowledge. We can't guarantee they'll work, but there's no harm in trying.

  • Start by trying to repair EAC. To do this, navigate to the EasyAntiCheat folder. This will be inside the installation folder for the game. Launch EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe. Once this is launched, you will get the option to repair it. Select this, and wait for the process to complete.
  • Make sure you install any pending updates for Windows. Installing the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables has worked on other games.
  • In recent days, FromSoftware has released Patch 1.02.1 for Elden Ring. This patch is reported to fix a major issue behind the EAC error. So make sure you download and install this patch, if you haven't already done so.
  • It can also be worth verifying the integrity of the game files on Steam. To do this:
    • Restart your computer and launch Steam
    • Next, you can either right-click the game in your Library, or click the gear icon from the game’s Library page on the far right
    • From the drop-down menu, select Properties…
    • Select the Local Files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files… button 
    • The process usually takes a few minutes to complete
  • Go to the executable file for Elden Ring, right-click and grant the game administrator privileges.
  • Try disabling the Steam overlay to see if this makes a difference.
  • Close any background processes you don't need.
  • Make sure EAC isn't being blocked by an antivirus or firewall.

If nothing seems to be working, you can contact the developers via the Elden Ring Support page, to get additional advice and assistance.

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What Is The Elden Ring Easy Anti-Cheat Error?

As we said earlier, the EAC error is preventing players from accessing Elden Ring. The error is accompanied by the message, "Easy Anti-Cheat Launch Error. Failed to initialize the game launcher". The reasons behind this are unclear at present, with the official support article stating only that:

We are currently investigating the cause of the problem and will update this article as we have more information. 

Additionally, it appears that this issue arises only in "certain circumstances". Although what those circumstances are, is unspecified.

We can hope that this will be prioritised by the developers, and that any updates that become available will have a solution to this problem. But in the meantime, try the suggestions we made above, and see if they make a difference.

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