Elden Ring Stutter Fix: How To Fix Elden Ring Stuttering

While you may be aware of the enormous commercial success and critical acclaim of Elden Ring, you may also be wondering how to fix Elden Ring stuttering. While stuttering may not be as fearsome a foe as some of the monsters and other enemies in the game, it is nonetheless a troublesome opponent.

Not only can it diminish the experience of what is regarded by some as the best game ever made, it can literally be the difference between life and death. And Elden Ring is unforgiving enough, without the added challenge of performance issues interfering.

We’ll walk you through the best ways to fix stuttering. Which will undoubtedly make life better. We can’t promise it will make the game any easier though.

How To Fix Elden Ring Stuttering

If Elden Ring is suffering from stutter, you’ll notice the screen freezing for a second or two. While it can happen at any point, it seems to be most prevalent when you are in areas where there is a lot going on. Unfortunately, this includes those all-important boss fights, or areas where you are facing a lot of enemies. And obviously, this is, as the kids say, not ideal. The following are some of the most effective ways to reduce stuttering:

  • Lowering your graphics settings may help. Some have reported that setting the max frame rate to 59fps seems to make a big difference.
  • Check for any pending updates to graphics drivers, and updates to your operating system and the game itself.
  • Check your VSync settings. As with DLSS, VSync is intended to improve performance, but doesn’t always work as intended. Try turning it on or off, and check to see whether this improves things or not.
  • Turn off motion blur and depth of field. these options are in Advanced Settings.
  • If you haven’t already, you can try to disable the Steam overlay. To do this:
    • In Steam, open the Library
    • Right-click on Elden Ring and select Properties
    • Untick the box next to Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game
    • Relaunch the game

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How to fix stuttering on Elden Ring
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Shader Cache

  • Take a look at the Shader Cache. If you have an Nvidia GPU:
    • Open the Nvidia control panel
    • Click Manage 3D Settings
    • Go to Global Settings
    • Set Shader Cache Size to Unlimited
  • If you have an AMD GPU:
    • Open Radeon Software
    • Go to Settings
    • Click on Graphics
    • Select Reset Shader Cache
    • Hit Apply

While we can’t guarantee these will completely resolve stuttering, hopefully they will make a difference. At the very least, you should see a reduction in stuttering.

What Causes Stuttering On Elden Ring?

In performance terms, stuttering appears to be one of the single-biggest problems in Elden Ring. It appears to have something to do with the way the game is coded, and shader compilation specifically. It’s an issue that has very little, if anything, to do with the hardware you are playing on.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this from the user’s end. We are simply left doing our best to minimise the problem until such times as a patch is released that specifically addresses this issue.

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So keep checking for updates. You can also follow the official Twitter feed, where they will notify you of any upcoming patches, and what they are intended to fix.

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