Elden Ring Co-Op Error: How To Fix Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working

Given the Dark Souls heritage of the Elden Ring developers, we are expecting this game to be hard. For most players, you're going to want to call in the cavalry for additional support. But what happens if an Elden Ring co-op error stops this? Well, apart from the almost inevitable death that is going to come your way, you're probably going to experience some...feelings. And that's ok. Feelings are ok.

But, feelings won't help you make progress in Elden Ring, or help you defeat that particular difficult opponent. And while we aren't going to help you use your Furlcalling Finger Remedy, we can let you know how to make sure that you are all set-up and ready to make use of the co-op feature in Elden Ring. Let's get into it.

How To Fix Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working

Before getting into the details, bear in mind that Elden Ring doesn't offer full cross-platform support. In other words, if you are playing on a PS5 for example, and want help from your mate on their Xbox or PC, it won't work. So this might be a simple explanation for what's going on.

Elden Ring does though, offer cross-gen support. So if you are on an Xbox One, you can still link up with players on an Xbox Series X|S, for instance. We have a more in-depth explanation of Elden Ring co-op here.

So now that we've clarified that potentially simply explanation as to why your co-op isn't working, what can you do when this isn't the reason? Let's have a look.

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Elden Ring Co-Op Error
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Steps To Get Co-Op Working

If you are struggling to get co-op to work, there are a few steps you can try:

  • Start with a simple game restart. This refreshes the link with the game servers, and in many cases, may be enough to resolve the problem.
  • Check to see whether there are any known issues with the servers. Check the official Twitter feed @EldenRing for updates. If there is an issue with the servers, wait until this is resolved before trying again.
  • If you use a VPN, try disabling it, to see if this makes a difference. Alternatively, using a VPN may connect you with a server in a different region, so consider trying this if you don't currently use one.
  • Your next step is to take a close look at your own internet connection, to ensure it is working properly. Do a speed test. Close any bandwidth-heavy apps that you don't need, to reduce traffic on the network. If possible, switching from Wi-Fi to a wired connection will normally improve stability. And finally, consider restarting your router.

If none of these seems to resolve the problem, then try reaching out to the game developers for further support.

What Is The Elden Ring Co-Op Error?

While there is no official explanation at this time for what might be behind this issue, we can make a suggestion. Online co-op gameplay relies on the game servers to work. If there is an issue with the servers, this is the most common explanation for co-op errors. This is one of the reasons why restarting your game and reestablishing that connection with the servers, can be an effective remedy.

This is especially true when a game has just been launched. In many cases, servers get overwhelmed by traffic, causing a multitude of issues. The good news is that when this happens, as player numbers begin to stabilise, the problems tend to disappear.

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Occasionally, there is a more fundamental issue at play, which can only be fixed by a patch from the game developers. So keep a close eye out for any game updates, and install them as soon as you can. Day-one hotfixes are increasingly common in games, and often fix a range of issues. Otherwise, try the solutions we've already suggested, and hopefully, help will come when you need it.

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