Oculus Quest: How to charge your Oculus Touch controllers

Virtual Reality can now be experienced by users all around the world through various devices, including the Oculus Quest headset.

It is a VR headset that was made and developed by Oculus, a part of Facebook Technologies.

But aside from the actual headset itself, a pair of Oculus Touch controllers are also included when you buy it. Of course, there will be a point in time where you would need to charge them.

Here's how to charge your Oculus Touch controllers:

How to charge the Oculus Quest controllers

In order to use your Oculus Quest controllers, you'll need to use two AA batteries. Of course, not all batteries are rechargeable.

But a company has come up with a way to make to charge your Oculus Quest controllers hassle-free.

It is an unofficial Oculus Quest charging station developed by Inisgnia. All you need to do is plug it, then place your controllers into the charging slot of the charging station.

Once the lights would be green, your controllers are now charging.

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Oculus Quest 2 Updates
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Get some rechargeable batteries

One important thing Oculus Quest users must take note of, in order to use the charging station, is that you need to get some rechargeable batteries.

Using disposal ones would just make the charging station useless.

If your rechargeable batteries don't work with the charging station, try to remove it and re-install it once again.

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