How to get Amazon Prime Video on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an excellent console, but one thing it lacks is an easy way for gamers to access their favourite streaming services like Amazon Prime Video.

Although Amazon made a big noise about its partnership with Nintendo, which allowed Twitch Prime members to get a hefty free trial for Nintendo Switch Online, there is no official Amazon Prime Video app available for download on Nintendo Switch.

This means, much like the situation regarding Netflix on Nintendo Switch, or BBC iPlayer on the PS5, there's no easy way to get Amazon Prime Video on Switch.

There is, however, a way to remedy this minor issue, but you have to become a bit of a tech wizard to get it to work. We can help you, though, so here is how to watch Amazon Prime Video on your Nintendo Switch...

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Install Android OS on Nintendo Switch

If you want to watch Amazon Prime Video on Switch, you'll need to put your modding hat on and install the Android OS on your Switch.

As ever with this kind of thing, we can't promise it won't mess up your console. So, this isn't us advising you to do it, merely letting you know that it's something that can be done. What it will definitely do, is void your warranty - if you still have one.

If you still want to, then you'll need to follow a few rather excellent guides on the XDA Developers forum.

The first thing you'll need to do is to install the Android OS to the console itself. This particular thread has a lot of notes on the things that it can do to affect your Nintendo Switch. So make sure you read it carefully.

Once you've done that, you'll want to hop over to a different XDA Developers thread. Here, they go over how to install Android onto your beloved console. Once again, make sure you pay attention to every step.

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How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Nintendo Switch

Once that's all done, your Switch will run like an Android tablet. And that means you can simply download the Amazon Prime Video app through the Google Play app store.

Once you've downloaded Amazon Prime Video onto your Switch, log into the app, and then binge The Boys, Catfish, This is Us, or Invincible on Switch to your heart's content. We'd also recommend checking out Upload.

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As this isn't endorsed by Nintendo you should be careful. There are a lot of warnings in this piece. But we really can't stress enough that this isn't a recommendation. It could easily end up that if your Switch breaks, Nintendo won't help fix it if the console has been modded. However, if you want to do this, make sure you follow the advice given in the threads.

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