How to connect a PS4 controller to Google Stadia on any device

If you have your own PS4 console then you should also have the PS4 controllers to make it work. And did you know that you may use those controllers for Google Stadia?

It will work, I promise! But the fact that it is really not meant to be used for the Google Stadia app may bring along some limitations.

Yet nevertheless, the important thing is that it works.

And here's how to connect a PS4 controller to Google Stadia:

Connect your PS4 controller via cable

Your PS4 controller could support Google Stadia if you play and stream the app's games on your PC as well as an Android 10 phone.

Now if you have Stadia on your PC or Android 10 phone, you may then connect your PS4 controller by using a cable.

Just look for a micro USB to USB-A cable to connect your controller to your PC. Very simple isn't it?

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Connect your PS4 controller via Bluetooth

Your PS4 controller could also be used on Google Stadia by connecting it via Bluetooth, as per The Verge.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth pairing feature of your PC or phone.
  • Press and hold both the Share and PlayStation buttons on your controller.
  • Wait for the light bar on top of your controller to blink.
  • Once it does, it will now connect your controller to the device hosting Google Stadia.

And then, when you load up Stadia, it should instantly detect your connected controller and allow you to us it.

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